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Lucrative commission options with a trusted broker

Supercharge your earnings

Maximize profits with OnEquity's customizable Introducing Brokers program

Fixed Rebate

Earn a consistent rebate for each lot traded by clients you refer to us. This provides you with a reliable way to earn rewards based on the trading activity of your referred clients

Revenue Share

Receive a percentage of the earnings generated by clients you refer to us. The higher your clients' trading activity is, the greater your earning potential becomes and grows

Hybrid Plan

This plan is designed to give access to outstanding revenue share, plus ongoing fixed rebate earning. Partners may choose the earning model that best suits their needs

How it works

Start earning as your own brokerage

Introducing Brokers, commonly known as IBs, are autonomous broker-dealers who serve as intermediaries, introducing new traders to brokerage firms like OnEquity. As agents, their primary responsibility is to connect prospective traders with the brokerage firm and facilitate the onboarding process.

Our carefully crafted Introducing Brokers’ program is tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, ensuring maximum profit potential in a competitive market environment.

At our firm, we prioritize the establishment of long-term relationships with our partners and we’re committed to supporting your growth every step of the way. As experienced traders ourselves, we possess a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and desires, enabling us to deliver precisely what you’re looking for high potential returns.

High commissions

Take advantage of our lucrative earning plans and receive generous remuneration for each new client you bring to us. Fixed rebates of up to 20$ per lot.

Real-time reporting

Manage your referred clients, set diversified commission schemes, track your performance and entire conversion funnel through a robust reporting system.

Full market conditions

We strive to provide a trading environment that delivers competitive pricing, efficient trade execution, and ample liquidity to meet your trader's needs and expectations.

Marketing tools for higher conversions

Our comprehensive suite of marketing resources provides all the tools you need to attract and convert clients effectively

Some of the tools we offer include:
  • Dynamic promotional banners

  • Conversion-optimized landing pages

  • Compelling email newsletters

  • Informative educational materials

  • Customized tools tailored to your needs

Become an IB Partner
Risk Warning: Our products are leveraged and carry a high level of risk, which can result in the loss of your entire capital. Such products may not be suitable for all investors. It is crucial to understand the risks involved fully.