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MetaTrader 5 Platform

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) multi-asset platform offers exceptional features that enable traders to take their trading to the next level, including advanced trading functions and superior charting analysis.

User-friendly interface

All your trading functions are accessible from a single menu, and you can even customize your toolbar.

Highly secure

High level of protection with all sensitive information being compressed and encrypted with 128-bit keys.

Multi-asset trading

Advanced trading across a wider choice of asset classes than its predecessor, hence more trading opportunities.

Analytical abilities

Access a plethora of powerful analytical tools, all available on multiple, flexible, and interactive charts.

Why trade on MetaTrader 5 with OnEquity?

MT5 offers traders exceptional features to stay ahead of the markets, including faster processing times, the ability to hedge positions, advanced pending orders, and the latest tools and indicators.

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